Welcome to HamSphere.net Blogs!

Welcome to your new site.

HamSphere.net Blogs are created with WordPress MultiSites which is one of the biggest blog system in the world.

You can build your own webpage very quickly by using so called widgets = plugins. We have collected quite a few Ham Radio oriented widgets for your convenience. We have also created a few own widgets that you can use in order to share HamSphere information on your site. We will continue to create new widgets so make sure you keep yourself updated on your “dashboard”.

Have a look at my site 5b4ait.hamsphere.net to see some widgets in action

The “dashboard” is the control panel for wordpress and your site/log. It can be a little confusing at first, but once you get to know it, it is a very powerful tool.

In the dashboard you can drag and drop “widgets” to the sidebars. There are sidebars left, top, right, bottom etc. You will have to do some trial and error until you get the hang of it.

Now login to your site by clicking “Log in” in the left menu. You have received an email with your password for your homepage. The password is not the same as your HamSphere password as these databases are separated.

When you have logged in you will get a top bar with a menu. There you will find the dashboard among other things.

Go to the dashboard and the part you are looking for is called “Appearance” and that is where you can change themes and add “plugins” = “widgets”.

Good luck! And please remember to remove this post when you start using your blog/home page.

73 de Kelly, 5B4AIT